Design Feed

What is the Design Feed

Quick Tip: The Design Feed feature is a track of tagged posts in a drawing for you to review or expand. The Design Feed is a special feature which lists context-specific posts on a shared drawing, providing a new dimension to the process of design by allowing both real-time and asynchronous collabo...

How do I create a post in the Design Feed

Quick Tip: Tap the Design Feed icon and tap the text box (for tablets), or the '+' icon (for smartphones) to add a new post. To create a new post, tap the Design Feed button to open the Design Feed and tap again on the text box or one of the other functions. If you are using a smartphone, there wil...

How do I reply to a post

Quick Tip: Tap the reply button and enter text. To write a reply to a post, simply tap the Reply button to enter your text. Anyone with whom you share your drawings may reply to a post. Additional Information: Associating a reply with a point or area is not possible.

How do I resolve a post in the Design Feed

The Resolve button sits at the parent level of a post thread. When you tap the Resolve button the post will be considered closed and will be hidden from the Design Feed. You can view resolved posts by selecting the appropriate function from the Settings menu.

How do I add a picture to a post in the Design Feed

Quick Tip: Tap to add an image by taking a picture or uploading an image stored on your device's photo gallery. To Attach an image to the design feed 1. Open the design feed 2. Tap . 3. Select an image stored on your mobile device or use your device’s camera function to take a new ...

How do I tag someone in the Design Feed

How do I tag someone in the Design Feed Quick Tip: Tap the icon and choose a name from the Shared list, or tap the Add People button to choose others. Use the Post button when finished. To tag someone in the Design Feed, simply tap the button to tag colleagues or clients in your post. Then you c...

How do I delete a post in the Design Feed

At this point there's no way to delete design feed posts.

How do I see resolved posts in the Design Feed

Quick Tip: Tap the button and toggle the 'Show resolved' button. AutoCAD 360 is set by default to show all posts that are on the canvas. The user can choose whether or not to show all the resolved posts (and their post threads) in the Drawing Feed and on the canvas.

How do I assign a post to a point or area in the Design Feed

Quick Tip: Tap the link-to-point or link-to-Area function to associate a post to a location. There are two kinds of links you can make for a post in your drawing. When Drawing Links you can either use the 'Point' or 'Area' functions: Point – Tap the button and select a point anywhere on your d...

How to export the Design Feed to Evernote?

​Quick tip: Open the design feed settings and choose “Export to Evernote”. This features is available for iOS devcies only. Step by step: First, you must have Evernote installed on your device. Open the drawing you want Open the design feed Click on design feed settings Export to ...
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