Uploading Files

How to upload your files (General)

Quick Tip: Use the relevant method to upload your files into your account. AutoCAD mobile has a number of methods to enable you to upload your drawings into your account: Uploading via mobile Email attachment Uploading from the Android SD card Uploading with AutoCAD mobile Win 10 app Up...

Can I use AutoCAD mobile without uploading ?

AutoCAD mobile is a cloud service therefore, you cannot avoid uploading your drawings to the cloud if you wish to work with AutoCAD mobile. However, you can access files that were downloaded in advance.. Please note that your device will need a wireless or 3G connection to upload files from your de...

What type of files can I upload to AutoCAD mobile ?

AutoCAD mobile supports a wide variety of files that can be uploaded, viewed and edited. You can also use AutoCAD mobile as an online storage service. This way AutoCAD mobile can also serve as a mean to share project-related files to accelerate your work and better your performance. Editing/viewing ...

How do I upload files from my Android SD card ?

Quick Tip: Browse your file management app and tap on any DWG files. Open it with AutoCAD mobile and upload. AutoCAD mobile provides an easy user friendly access to upload files for your various needs. The application 'pops up' and all that you need to do is choose AutoCAD mobile and upload your fi...

How to upload via mobile email ?

Quick Tip: Tap an e-mail attachment to open in AutoCAD mobile. Once you have AutoCAD mobile installed, your device’s email client will recognize DWG, PDF and DXF files that you receive as email attachments. After clicking an attachment of a DWG, PDF or DXF file, choose to open it with AutoCAD mobil...

How to Upload files with AutoCAD mobile Win 10 app ?

Uploading files from a Win 10 device (tablet, smartphone or desktop) Once you have AutoCAD mobile installed, your device will recognize DWG, DXF and PDF files and open them in AutoCAD mobile. Choose AutoCAD mobile on the Open With dialog box. ​ Once your files are uploaded to AutoCAD mobile, the...

How do I upload XREF's ?

Quick Tip: Simply upload all Xrefs to the same folder as the host drawing. AutoCAD Mobile supports the use of a vast variety of external files: reference files such as *.DWG, *.JPG, *.TIF, and any other raster image; plot style files (or style sheets) such as *.ctb and *.stb; and font files such as...

How to Upload files with the AutoCAD Web ?

Quick Tip: In the Drawings section, click on "Upload" and then "browse". Choose files and upload. AutoCAD web provides an easy access for uploading files and drawings using your PC or mobile device. In order to upload files, go to https://web.autocad.com and register or login to your account. Then...

How to download files and drawings using AutoCAD web app ?

Whenever you want to work on your drawing back in AutoCAD, you can easily download the drawing back to your computer using AutoCAD web app. Select a drawing you want Click on the “Download” button from the toolbar Additional Information: You can download your drawing in any of the fo...

How to upload fonts (fonts appear as question marks) ?

Quick Tip: Use AutoCAD web app “Online” button to upload fonts If you are working in a language other than English or with an unusual font, it may not be supported by uploading the drawing and its resources files via AutoCAD web. AutoCAD mobile will always try to present your drawing in one of its ...
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