Working Offline

How to work offline

Quick Tip: Save the files you want locally while online, and when finished you can edit on-the-go. AutoCAD 360 mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to view and edit your drawings when you are offline. Once the files have been synced locally, you will be able to open them without an Internet co...

How to open drawings offline

Quick Tip: Before going offline, make sure to 'Make available offline' the drawings you want. To make a drawing available offline, click on and choose 'Download offline'. You can open the app even when you are not connected to the internet provided that you have signed in before going offline. An...

Can I choose which files I want to sync?

AutoCAD 360 will download only files that you've opened or requested to make available offline. To make a drawing available offline, click on and choose 'Download offline'

How do I download from the cloud and save locally

Tap and 'Download offline'. A green marker will let you know once a file is available offline. Drawings can be saved locally to your device in order to allow offline editing and viewing. Every file must be uploaded to the cloud first and only then can it be downloaded locally to your device. ...

How do I know if my file is saved locally or not

Quick Tip: Look for the green arrow. Once a file has been saved locally it will be marked as “Available Offline” with a green arrow stamp indicating it was synced. To make a file available offline tap and choose 'Download to offline'.

Can I work on my local files without uploading them to the cloud

AutoCAD 360 is a cloud service therefore, you cannot avoid uploading your drawings to the cloud if you wish to work with AutoCAD 360. Please note that your device will need a wireless or 3G connection to upload files from your device. If you would like to open your drawings while offline, AutoCAD 3...

What is the local storage

Quick Tip: The local storage refers to files saved locally on your device for offline use. The local storage button allows you to enable or disable synchronizing your offline files with your online account. The Local Storage button is located in the Setting Tab. It is set to 'On' by default to allo...

What happens when I remove my Local Files on the Setting Tab

Removing a file from the Local Files list will have no impact on the file in your online account. However, the file will not be available for offline use. Go to 'Settings' --> 'Remove Local Files' button to see the list of files that you have saved locally. You can manually remove any of them fr...

All the work I did offline disappeared when I synced online, what do I...

Quick Tip: Your work isn't lost. Offline colliding versions are saved in the file manager as copied editions of files. In the instance where there is a conflict between versions — e.g., changes that were made to the online version of the drawing, while other changes were made to the drawing offline...

What is a conflict?

A conflict happens when there are two different versions of the same drawing in your account. How does it happen? It happens when changes are made to the online version of the drawing, while other changes are made to the drawing offline. For example, if you made some changes to your file while you ...
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