How to draw accurately with AutoCAD mobile?

When you draw a line, polyline, rectangle, etc. , with the mobile app, you should be able to define the shape's dimensions (Length, width).
Choose one of the drawing tools (Draw toolbar).
Tap the canvas to specify the first point, tap or drag to specify the second point (Direction).
By tapping in the value box (the bubble appears after specifying the second point), you should be able to change the length of the line/rectangle as you wish.
At this point, AutoCAD mobile doesn't include a way to draw lines with given coordinates (x,y) values yet…
Recently, we’ve created a new drafting experience for AutoCAD mobile!
Our new Keypad drafting feature allows you to accurately draw lines, polylines and rectangles. (Currently, available for iOS devices only)
Using the Keypad, you can control the shape you’re drawing by inputting the exact length and angle.


Additional Information:
* The new keypad can be disabled via the Settings page.
* Drawing and editing tools are available for Pro users only.
The magnifying glass also enables you to achieve higher precision while drawing, editing or selecting objects in the drawing. 
* Check out this video-
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