How to create a new drawing?

Quick Tip: While in the file manager, Use the  button to create a new drawing.

AutoCAD mobile Pro version allows users to create rough drafts of their designs while they are outside of the office and collaborate with others on those ideas. The newly created file behaves just like a normal file and all operations are enabled on it (plot, share, set location, change settings, etc.)
Note that the creating of files is enabled for Pro users only. To create a new file, press the  button at the upper (iOS) or lower (Android) right corner of the file manager.  



User can create only a DWG file, other formats (like DXF) will not be supported.
After creating the file, type in a name for the drawing on the dialog box. No need to include the file extension as part of the file name.
Additional information:
  • A new file is set with decimal units display by default.
  • AutoCAD mobile does not support templates. Only one type of a blank sheet is available.
  • Currently it is not possible to create a new drawing inside an external folder.
Useful tips:
  • After a new file has been created, it will automatically be synced with the AutoCAD mobile account and will be available on every AutoCAD mobile platform
  • The new file is located in the folder it was created in (root folder or any sub folder).
  • The new drawing will also be downloaded to the device to be available offline (including all the commands) immediately after created.
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